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Apartment Rentals Dc

You Can’t Beat Porter Street! (For Washington DC Rental Apartments

Driving up to the apartments at 2501 Porter Street, the massive unit is reminiscent of 1940’s New York. The modern shaped semi circle unit has a pool and picnic area where you can entertain for family and friends. The hardwood floors and curved apartment units look like a really great art gallery and any professional would feel like an executive here.

The multi level countertops are unlike any other apartments in DC. That, coupled with brand new appliances and plenty of cabinet space make it a great place to create the perfect meal for your family, friends and co-workers.

Select units have either a patio or a balcony. You will be right next to Rock Creek Park for that morning jog. The gym is open 24 hours a day, so there’s no excuse to get out of shape over the holidays! There’s even a great swimming pool to switch up your workout routine. The carpets are thick and perfect for yoga sessions. The dining area has hardwood floors, so you wont be on your knees trying to get dinner stains out of the carpet. Porter Apartments also have storage space available for $25 a month.

You will even have your own washer and dryer to avoid long lines and hassles at the Laundromat. With the high ceilings & drop down lighting units, and a dining area that is double the size of most apartments, Porter Street Apartments are just the ticket!

A 1-bedroom apartment starts at about $2,000 a month and a 2-bedroom unit can be as much as $3,000 a month. Parking is $125 a month for residents. Guests can use the reserved off site parking. The application fee for these apartments is $75. Porter Street Apartments are located at 2501 Porter Street NW, Washington, DC 20008. You can call the property to schedule an appointment: (202) 364-3000. They are managed by Archstone properties. You can even lease on line (as well as pay your rent once you’ve become a resident) at your convenience:

Feel Like a Hollywood Start at The Woodner Apartments in Washington D.C.

If you want to feel like a movie star when you come home, then Woodner Apartments are perfect! Walking into the downstairs lobby is like walking on the set of the 1932 film “Grand Hotel”. There are plenty of places to shop and enjoy a refreshing evening. From the second floor, you can look over to some great décor. The winding staircase is romantic and inviting. And the backdrop is an earth toned accent wall.

Take a dip in the massive outdoor pool to cool off after a long day at the office.

The kitchen has a great amount of cabinet space, so you don’t have to worry about trying to buy extra storage units. There are also hardwood floors and an extremely large window in the front room. The tile is cute and will make you feel at home.

Studio apartments are reasonably sized (600 sq ft) and range between $925-$1025. Your deposit depends on your credit rating and rating history. The 1000 square foot 2-bedroom units are between $1550 and $1700. All units have one bathroom.

There is a gym with a great view as well as a laundry center. As if that wasn’t good enough, there is an on-site dry cleaning services for residents, small shopping center and DVD library within the apartment and The Sangria Café Bar & Grill is one of the best places to sit down and relax with the family or good friends!

With all the amenities, though, there are a few things that the complex lacks. The mailboxes are small, so it makes package delivery challenging at times. On the weekends, there is a lot of traffic in and out as well as in the surrounding neighborhood. The units are a little pricey as well, so this is only for those professionals who are financially ready. The Woodner Apartments are located at 3636 16th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20010. You can give them a call or visit the website for more details, questions, or to schedule an appointment. (202) 328-2800

Be Close to Everything DC at Archstone Apartments

Archstone is known nationally for amazing service and beautiful apartment homes. In Van Ness, DC

Runners will enjoy Rock Creek Park which is only minutes away. This is luxury living at its best! Studios start in the low $1,000′s and go up to almost $3,000. These prices aren’t for the faint of heart! This week during their expo, you can get it on exclusive specials and a chance to win a $1,000 Williams-Sonoma Gift Card. They offer 12 month leases and you will be in the heart of the best parts of DC.

If you want Mr. Mittens to come along for the ride, it will be $50 a month. The parking lot is more secure than most because it’s covered, though you can rest assure that you and your property will be safe because the neighborhood is nice and quiet during the week. The utilities are included with your rent, so there’s only one bill. This high rise apartment also has balconies available and you can relax from your long workday in the sauna or at the pool.

Surprisingly, this complex accepts section 8 vouchers. There is 24 hour resident service available and you’ll always feel comfortable. The Archstone Van Ness is located at 3003 Van Ness St NW Washington, DC 20008.

If you want to be near everything in DC, this is a great place to settle. You can find specials this month on their website: You can also find out about their other DC area properties online.

archstone apartments washington dx

Get the Advantage from Vantage Apartments

For those of us who enjoy a quiet evening at home, Vantage Apartments can provide an oasis where you can get revitalized after a long day. Located within walking distance of DC’s famous U street, the Vantage Apartments are perfect for young couples and college students.

The complex is conveniently situated near restaurants and shops including CVS, Forman Mills, Popeyes, and Nail Salons.

Vantage Apartments offer 1-4 bedroom apartment homes which range between $698 and $1325 and the floor plans are between 450 and almost 1200 square feet. To schedule a visit at one of DC’s best apartments, give them a call at (202) 832-1647. 601 Edgewood St. NE Washington, DC 20017

Upscale Living at the Cameron Silver Spring Apartment Rentals

Experience the life of the new suburban sophisticate at The Cameron Apartments in beautiful Silver Springs, MD.

Any young professional will love coming home to the Cameron. You’ll feel comfortable having a networking brunch with the kitchen bar. Easily participate in business conferences right from your living room with the complimentary wifi. This elite apartment also features nine inch ceilings to accentuate this luxury style apartment.

Leave your car at home and take the metro to save money and time. You will have more than you ever wanted in one of the best properties in the country. This is high rise living at its finest with plenty of floorplans to choose from that look like a scene from a movie. You can be close to the capitol without the crime or hassle.

There is a workout room comparable to many large gyms across the country that is sure to keep you on track. You can look out of your bedroom every morning onto the buzz of downtown Silver Spring. The generous closet space is ideal for any fashionista and Fairfield Properties management is known for their professional and customer service oriented style.

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, this complex has the added bonus of being green! They have a recycling program and promote energy efficiency. This condo is great all around and you will love being at the center of everything! On top of the other amenities in this amazing home, the penthouse has an exclusive residents club for your enjoyment.

Studio apartments start at $1,348 and 2 bedroom apartments (including dens) can be up to $4134. Visit to find out more and schedule a viewing or give them a call at 301-585-4663.

The Cameron is located at 8710 Cameron Street Silver Spring, MD 20910 and is walking distance from the Silver Spring Metro on the Red Line as well as Metrobus.

Also, check out great shopping around town (if you’re new to the area)
at Bethesda Shopping Guide.
silver spring apartment complex cameron

Wonderful “Starter” Apartment In Washington DC: Parkside Apartments

The Beautiful Paradise at Parkside Apartments
Are you searching for an affordable apartment for rent in the Nation’s Capital? Would you enjoy the convenience of on-site laundry facilities and DC metro accessibility? Are you tired of hearing there are no safe places to live in NE? If you answered yes, then Paradise at Parkside is JUST FOR YOU!
Managed by Charles Tini & Associates, Inc, the Paradise at Parkside would be a great starter apartment. You can almost see the Minnesota Metro station from your home, there is a very reliable and secured entrance, and there’s even a business center with computers and a small library.
You wont find many places like the Parkside in DC! Families can enjoy the on-site daycare center and park. This is a fantastic gated residence where you and your family can truly feel safe and comfortable. The windows let in the perfect amount of light to save energy during the day and in the summer you can enjoy a nice cookout with friends at the Parkside picnic area.
The apartments themselves have carpeting for your comfort in the wintertime and central air for those humid DC summer days! The complex is unbelievably close to 295 and there are massive closets that would accommodate any wardrobe.
The Paradise at Parkside has 1-3 bedroom apartments and duplexes that cost between $622 and $900 plus utilities. For more information about this Paradise or to schedule a viewing, you can contact the property directly at 202-388-0274 or visit the leasing office: 3598 Hayes St NE, Washington, DC 20019. Paradise at Parkside is open every weekday (except Wednesdays) from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

SE Washington DC Apartment Rental For The Brave

If you’re OK with being kinda far from downtown, Frank Emmett Real Estate has just the place for you. It has all the things a broke college student should expect for their first home—reasonable rent and rats. To be fair, I didn’t see a rat inside the apartment…just one sitting near my car when I came out. And it must have been used to people because it didn’t moved when I shrieked. The outside looks a little less than charming because of the brick and steel fencing.
The floorplans are huge! They definitely didn’t lie about that on There was plenty of space in the unit I was shown. There wasn’t as much closet space as I would have liked. They claimed it was a walk-in closet, but I found it to be more of a “look-in” closet. Overall it seemed worth the price.
Marshall Heights isn’t the worst neighborhood in DC, either. There are a lot of places that deliver, there’s a nice mom & pops place to get basic groceries that’s right on East capitol, and a rec center nearby.
For people who don’t drive, I wouldn’t suggest moving there. The metro is SUPER far and even though there was a bus stop a few blocks from the place, I didn’t see any buses pass or people waiting on the bus. It was like 9:30 in the morning, so th ere should have at least been people going to work.
There are hardwood floors, so in the wintertime, that might be an issue. They have a decent laundry room, but there was this wacky looking navy blue tile flooring. I felt like I was a chess piece half the time. That same tile was also in the lobby. I’m a little stuck up, though so that probably won’t bother anyone else.
The place is ok–especially if you are on a budget or you enjoy walking (really far) to the metro. Rent is in the mid $800′s for a 1Bedroom and utilities are extra. I would give it 7 outta 10.
5210 E Street SE (20019) Contact: Gene Wason 301-589-6000

Northwood Garden Washington DC Apartments – One of The Best DC Apartments

Northwood Gardens was BY FAR one of the best all-around apartments I looked at in DC. I have to say I was really impressed! I’m usually very critical, but I had very few issues with this complex. The floor plans are decent and there are a lot closets. It’s right behind the Fort Totten Metro and in a generally safe neighborhood. The entry is secure and there weren’t a bunch of people just standing around the complex. All utilities are included in the rent and a 2BR apartment will run you a bout $975 a month ($850 or so for a 1BR depending on size, specia ls, etc). There are also seasoned specials (i.e. 1st month free, half of f deposits) The closest major cross streets are Crittenden and Farragut and the Lamont Riggs neighborhood has some of the most beautiful homes. It looks like a wonderful place to go jogging.
One downside is that the entire complex is managed by one person. She’s really nice, but she also stays REALLY busy. I went on a tour of 4 different layouts (two 1BR and two 2BR) and during that time she was stopped by residents 3 times. That did show that she knew the residents which is a good thing. She knew the tenants by first name. There are also hardwood floors in the apartments. I prefer carpet, but that’s just me. (the floors looked relatively new by the way)
The kitchen had all new appliances and the bathroom looked like the sink and tub had recently been installed. A lot of apartments in this price ran ge are dirty or small, but Northwood Gardens defies that stereotype. Each bedroom has a nice sized window. There was no window in the kitchen and the window in one of the rooms I looked out was over the dumpster, but that is totally worth what you’re getting. I’d give this complex 9.5/10.

4900 Fort Totten Drive NE, Washington, DC 20011

Luxury Living at The Envoy Apartments In Northwest Washington DC

Just for fun, I visited an apartment well outside my price range. I was getting closer to the deadline I had given myself to find an apartment and heard about this gorgeous place in NW DC. I work within walking distance of 16th street, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try the place out (the co-worker I got the tip from stays in a really great 3BR in the same neighborhood)
The walk was really nice. Just before you get to the complex, there is this beautiful park (the Meridian) that looks like it belongs on a postcard. The complex itself is huge. It was one of the larger ones I had seen. When I walked in, it reminded me of a modern version of the hotel from “The Shining”. (As if all the ghosts were exercised and they renovated the place. lol)
Some of the features are ones you’d find at a high class hotel are there–maid service, shoe shining, chandeliers, and ridiculously overwhelming marble columns. When I researched the apartments, I found a price range of $1021-$2300, but the representative that showed me around said the available units were about $1600+
The inside was not as amazing as the outside. Although the carpets were definitely clean, they were a little older than I expected. I would imagine moving in would be a bit of an issue because of the way the building is. Also, the laundry room closes around 11:30pm. There’s 24 hour security at the front desk and I didn’t see any disgruntled residents. What I did see though, were A LOT of residents.
To say this place was fancy would be an understatement. It was the definition of luxury living. When I start making above $50k I’ll consider moving there. The price matched the beauty and even if you think its out of your budget, I would suggest you see the Envoy…it might change your mind. I give the Envoy 9/10
> > > Contact:
> > > The Envoy 2400 16th St. NW (20009)
> > > (202) 387-2500

Apartment Rentals Washington DC – Greenwood Manor

Since I saw one SE apartment that was really great, I decided to ignore the stereotypes about SE and look at more apartments in that quadrant. After work one day, I decided to roam around Southeast in search of a new place. Just a mile or so from the Anacostia stop on the Green line was Greenwood Manor. I didn’t set an appointment, just walked in to the leasing office. The landscape was gorgeous and it didn’t feel like a big city when you looked at the garden. The apartment is in Anacostia, but the outside is nothing like the river. There’s a nice park and a Rec, both walking distance from the apartment complex so you can stay fit with little worry.

The person who showed me the apartment bragged about the spacious closets, but there were average size to me. Greenwood Manor would benefit from being carpeting, because the hardwood didn’t really work in the apartment. They just brought down the overall look to me. The ad I saw also said they were close to a metro, so I didn’t drive, but when I got off the train I ended up walking about 20-30 minutes. That is NOT close.

Sorry pet lovers, you can’t bring Ms. Fluffy or Captain Puddles. As a consolation prize, though there is a nice sized laundry room. The equipment seemed pretty new, which is more than I can say for some complexes. Greenwood Manor is one of those places that you wouldn’t hate to live in, but it also wouldn’t be in your top 5.

I give Greenwood Manor 7 out of 10.

2343 Green Street SE Washington, DC 20020 (202) 678-2548

Apartment Rentals DC – Residencies at Georgia Ave

Now this is the type of apartment you get when you’re on your “grown” game. The residencies at Georgia Avenue are not the average place. Have you ever seen the “I’m a Mac. I’m a PC” commercials? Well this is where the Mac would live. If you don’t have matching furniture and a business line, this probably isn’t the place for you.

There is an organic grocery store that has some of the freshest fruit and veggies you’ll ever eat! The staff really made me feel at home and answered all of my questions. The floor in the kitchenette makes you want to glide across in your socks and the carpet is plush enough to fall asleep on. If you generally cook for a big crowd, you’ll love this place! The apartment I saw had enough cabinets to store food for the winter with space left over. One (small) problem was that the dining space wasn’t really big enough to move around for a big group, so if you have kids or a spouse who isn’t petite, you may run into a bit of a challenge in my opinion. Other than that, the entire apartment seemed like it was built yesterday.

To really feel like an executive, you HAVE to step out onto the balcony. The view is more than amazing. There’s a private garage for resident if you drive. This is a really nice place if you’re transitioning from an apartment, but aren’t yet ready to own a home. You have to meet some salary requirements…this is one of the first places I visited that had both a minimum and maximum income requirement, which is interesting. (About $35,000-$60,000 depending on how many people are on the lease) This complex represents really nice middle class living and you get A LOT for the price. (Their two bedroom rentals are over 800 sq ft)

This complex is pretty much perfect. I give it 10 out of 10.

The residencies at Georgia Ave 4100 Georgia Ave NW (202)722.4646

Washington DC Apartment Rentals – Marbury Plaza

In order to get in the building, you have to have a key, so it’s pretty secure. I saw residents pulling up the door to make sure it locked, and no one let me in when I was waiting for the leasing agent, so they seem serious about it (unlike other places I’ve seen). That was really encouraging because as someone from out of town, you always hear crazy stories about Southeast DC. When I walked in, the downstairs lobby reminded me of a really classy hotel. I felt like a 30’s actress or something. You’ll have your own bathroom even if you get the two-bedroom apartment. The apartments have balconies (which I absolutely LOVE) and the view is simply amazing. You can the capital off in the distance and utilities are already in the rent, which is convenient. It helps this complex creep to the top of my list. The rent for a two-bedroom is just above $1250, which is worth it, (minus the lack of metro accessibility.)

There aren’t any metro stations nearby, but there’s a bus that stops right in front of the place. There’s also a lot of parking space if you own a car. The residents seem to mostly be families, rather than crazy college kids, so that’s a plus if you prefer a place that’s quiet at night.

The entire apartment is carpeting and the kitchen is HUGE! They had one of the best kitchens I think I’ve seen since I moved to DC. There’s a whole lot of cabinet and counter space, so it’s a really great apartment for people who love making big meals regularly. (I happen to be one of those people)

I give Marbury Plaza 9 out of 10!

2300 Good Hope Road SE , Washington, DC 20020 202-678-0700